Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy defines how “Paper Football”, also referred here as “The Application”, collects and uses personal and non-personal information and data in the mobile application (available for smart phones and tablets).

Mobile Application

Also known as “Paper Soccer”, the mobile application is an abstract strategy game played on a rectangular grid representing a football field. The original one is played on paper.
The opponent is computer controlled with 3 difficulty levels that might be challenging for some, but not impossible.

Personal and Non-Personal information

“Paper Football” respects your privacy rights and recognises the importance of protecting any information collected about you.

“The Application” does not collect any personal user data.

“Paper Football” may use tools or third-party analytics software to collect and use certain non-personal data that does not enable us to identify you (we track only data such as: device type, mobile device software, data carrier, …). These are just used in order to help right operation and performance of the application and to correct any errors in the application.

Google+  / Google Account

Using the Application does not require the creation of an account, but you can sign in with your Google+ / Google account to, for example, share your progress in the game with your friends.

Versions up to 0.5.10 are using Google+ integration, but this was removed starting with version 0.5.11 since Google introduced Gamer IDs to its Google Play Games service. This enables anyone to claim a unique handle that doesn’t have to link to an existing account, which means you can pick a random name instead of displaying the real name you have tied to your Gmail or Google+. This eliminates a barrier between gamers who want to start playing apps online with friends but maybe don’t want to sign up for yet another social network.

Leaderboards are visible in Google+ either as public or just in your circles, depending on your option for versions up to 0.5.10. Starting with 0.5.11 you can be displayed in Leaderboards only if you make your profile Public, by default being Hidden.

You can log out of your Google+ / Google account at any time.